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10 August 2007



I'm coming from Lorinda's page, where she mentioned you're quitting knitting...and I'm sorry that you must. I hope this opens a new door for you somehow, some way.

If they are still available, I'll take "Knitting on the Edge" and "Knitted Embellishments". Email me for my address and I'll PayPal you the total.

Many positive thoughts sent your way,


hey sweets...am so sorry about the knitting...but i'd love to help...i missed out on the simple socks book (that'll teach me to check bloglines more often! lol), but if the marianne kinzel book is still available, put me down for it please...anything else in the lace/shawl catagories? will be watching!


Me again. Having trouble with my PayPal account. Will get it fixed and pay you ASAP. Sorry for the delay.


Hi, it's me again. I'll take the Simple Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts too, please! I'll also post your sale on my blog.


I feel the same way as Justine. I'd be interested in some of your books if they haven't been snapped up already.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet
Knitting for Peace
Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
Nicky Epstien's Beyond the Edge


hey Christine, sad that you are stopping, sad isn't enough, may I dare say tragic. That being said though I would like some of your books, I'll email you.

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