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15 December 2006



hugs and kisses from your australian little dishcloth buddy!!!!!!! I also pray so I'm doing that for you and your family!!!


Oh, Christine. I am so sorry about the cancer. I think about you often. I'll light a candle for you at church.

As for the insurance, can your doctor do anything? Call the "prescription" something else? Anything?


Praying for you.


I am so sorry to hear about your cancer dx. We won't even talk about the stupid insurance thing. I will just say that we'll be sending you positive thoughts and energy.


It's outrageous that medication costs so much! Sending you hugs and all the positive energy I can muster:)


I'm so sorry that on top of everything else, you have to deal with the crappy red tape & worry about paying for treatment. No one should have to worry about such things, especially when ill.


For the cancer, I don't know what to say, except that I'll be here, reading, whenever you feel like blogging.

For the insurance, I have many many things to say--I especially hate how they kick you when you're down, I've had some experience with my insurance making me feel guilty for being sick. But instead of getting my anger all riled up whe you're probably upset enough already, I'll just send some hugs and say I'm really sorry they're doing this to you.


Oh my gosh. I honestly don't know what to say. I am so sorry to hear of all of this. It's bad enough to be dealing with the cancer, but the insurance companies should be supportive of you - not adding more stress.


ARGHHHHH... I hate insurance companies. I used to have yours.. it wasn't great.. but none of them are. They thrive on suiting their need to make money, not the need of their clients..
Best hugs..

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